Rohit Walia

Eddie Villiers

Eddie has over 26 years of experience in the international capital markets in a variety of roles. He is the Global Head of Financial Institution Sales and Head of Global Financial Markets, London in Rabobank International and runs the institutional sales for Rabobank globally.

Eddie has been involved in ground breaking transactions for many clients. His experience encompasses issues for sovereigns such as Ireland, securitizations including the first whole business securitization undertaken in Europe, as well as deals backed by the full range of European and US collateral. In the corporate world his experience includes investment grade and high yield whilst with financial institutions he has been responsible for a variety of notable deals such as Chase's debut non-US$ LT2, Credit Agricole's debut retail tier 1. He has also played a role in the strategic direction of the bank proposing and helping to close a joint venture with NM Rothschild in the area of M&A.