Alpen Asset Advisors arranges financing of premiums for Jumbo Insurance, a high value lifelong insurance policy, through partner banks.

Family Liquidity/Security

Provides immediate liquidity and cash flow for the financial support of families.

Estate Equalization

Equitably distributed wealth between both family members who are involved in the business and those who are not.

Asset Protection/Wealth Creation

Protects current assets and means of wealth creation.


Maintains the support of philanthropic activities even after one's lifetime.

Buy sell agreement

Ensures the provision of liquidity to the surviving partner to buy the shares from the family of their deceased partner, thereby promising control and ownership of the business.

Key Man Insurance

Securing insurance for the key person in the organization to guarantee liquidity for the transfer of business acumen to the successor.


  • Single premium / Multipay
  • Minimum guaranteed crediting rate into the policy
  • Offshore Trust ownership
  • Premium financing available
  • High LTV: Up to 100% loan against the policy surrender value
  • No personal guarantees needed
  • No additional private banking assets may be required from the client.