Alpen Asset Advisors provides investment ideas that are both bespoke and Shari'ah- compliant. The investment advisory team, guided by our distinguished Shari'ah Board, devises strategies for your Shari'ah-compliant portfolio.

Alpen Asset Advisors provides Islamic financial business services by operating an Islamic window.

Shari'ah Discretionary Equity Portfolio Management*

Managed Equity Portfolio for those who want to gain a wide exposure to global equities in line with the principles of Shari'ah.

The Portfolio invests in large and midsize companies and ETFs that are fully Shari'ah-compliant.

*Managed by Credit Suisse

Customized Sukuk Portfolios
Non-recourse Murabaha Financing

The Islamic financing is availed by the Fund instead of the investor. Hence, the liability of the investor is limited to the amount invested.

Customized Solutions

Islamic Sukuk portfolios can be specifically designed in accordance with each client's investment needs, risk appetite, and risk tolerance.

Shari'ah Supervisory Board Members