Dubai, October 5, 2020:

[Alpen Capital] Alpen Capital has been awarded "Superbrand Status" once again for the year 2020

Alpen Capital has been awarded “Superbrand Status” once again for the year 2020 following a stringent selection and voting process organised by Superbrands, an independent arbiter of branding. This is the second consecutive year that we have achieved the Superbrand Status in the UAE. Alpen Capital was among 44 of UAE's strongest brands to be voted as a Superbrand.

Superbrands interviewed Rohit Walia, Executive Chairman & CEO of Alpen Capital, wherein he spoke about Alpen as a brand, its CSR activities and the transactions we are doing with DFIs in emerging markets across the globe. Please click here to view the interview. We are also featured in the Superbrands Tribute book which carries profiles of all the companies that have been awarded the Superbrand Status.


Superbrands Tribute book