Dubai, January 16, 2021:

[Alpen Capital] Global Fusion goes virtual in 2021

Alpen Capital and Alpen Asset Advisors hosted a virtual Global Fusion concert keeping in mind health and safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The seventeenth edition of the concert was streamed live and showcased highlights from previous concerts, revisiting some of the best performances of legendary artistes who have performed with Alpen in the past.

With the theme – Rhythm of Change, the concert presented a phenomenal union of the Elements of Nature. The master of ceremony, Sachin Kumbar walked the audience through each of the five elements - Space, Air, Earth, Water and Fire, and connected them with diverse instruments and performances.

Performances by a versatile array of musical legends took the audience down memory lane and gave a glimpse of various concerts hosted by Alpen over the last seventeen years.

The virtual nature of the concert allowed clients based across the globe to view the concert. Clients from USA, UK, Switzerland, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and GCC logged in to view these amazing performances from the comfort of their home.

"Global Fusion has been a part of our lives since the inception of Alpen and every year we and our clients look forward to it. Despite the pandemic we wanted to ensure that the concert is held to maintain continuity. Hence, we put together a virtual format of the concert, which showcased the best and most memorable performances in the history of Global Fusion. I would like to thank our clients for joining the event and sincerely hope to see them personally next year”, said Rohit Walia, Executive Chairman and CEO of Alpen Capital.

About Global Fusion – Global Fusion is our flagship event that features world-renowned artistes from various genres integrated into a single musical experience. What makes the concert so special is that, every year, there is a whole new mix of musicians who fuse their musical journeys together.

Global Fusion also promotes talented local musicians in the Middle East by providing them an opportunity to perform with international legends.